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Increase Sales, Save Time and Money – Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Now with Prime

Increase Sales, Save Time and Money – Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Now with Prime 150 150 admin


  MFN Advantages of FBA
Prime Tag NA A large customer base of Amazon has prime membership and these customers prefer buying prime tagged products. These are loyal customers of Amazon as they have paid to get prime membership and contribute high percentage of sales on platform. This in-turn results in higher sales for sellers and higher sales rank leading to higher visibility of seller products in initial pages (Around 70-80% of sales happen through initial 3 pages of product listing).  There are separate filters provided on product listing pages to facilitate the buyers for selecting products with “Prime” tag due to its value add.
Buy Box Dependent on seller Helps get buy box as the performance improves for the seller due to Amazon’s world class delivery and customer service. Winning buy box results in higher chances of sale.
Managing Returns Seller Managed Efficient and Hassel free Return for customers, resulting in peace of mind for seller and better experience for customer
Fulfilled by Amazon tag No tag Fulfilled by Amazon Tag gives trust to the customer and results in uplift in sales
Save time Seller manages all operations Seller can focus on the core of his business and also other business activities – reducing time spent by seller on operations results in that time being utilized in other revenue generating core activities
100% COD option attract more orders Orders received from 60-70% of PIN Codes from Pan India served by Easy Ship get COD option As 100% orders are served by Amazon, orders from pan India get this facility. This helps in increasing orders as both COD and online payment options are available to customers.
Faster Delivery Sellers have to manage the courier at their end which involves manual processes leading to increased dispatch time of minimum 1-2 days With Easy Ship facility available at warehouse and automated processes the orders are dispatched within 4 hours of receiving the order.  Most of the orders from major metros are delivered within 1 day as well. Buyers needing expedited delivery go for such products.
Reliable and Trackable Delivery Self shipped orders have to be delivered using third party couriers which may be not be able to provide trackable transit and delivery features. 100% orders are shipped through Easy Ship which provide all traceability of the orders. Buyers get timely notifications about their order status providing a better customer experience adding to seller performance metrics.
Insured Delivery Self Shipped orders are not insured. It’s expensive and tedious to go for insured delivery 100% of the orders are insured by Amazon Transportation Services (Easy Ship).
Helps in qualifying for deals and promotions   Category managers prefer products in warehouse over at seller location due to the certainty in fulfilling orders. They are sure of 100% timely order dispatch as the products are lying in Amazon warehouse. Participation in promotions like lightening deals etc increases the sales significantly.


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